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Project Type

Web Design, Lead Generation, Email Marketing


Design Brief

The opportunity to work with industry influencer Susan Routledge was an amazing experience and one we were honoured to be involved in.

The brief was to redesign the site to reflect the future direction of Susan’s business and completely overhaul the old site which was well out of date.

The site was designed around the specific ideas which Susan had requested, specifically that it should serve as the main hub to all of her digital assets such as courses etc, and to act as a portal and menu of sorts for all of her activity and content she was producing such as courses, books, speaking appearances and exhibitions.

Integral to the way in which the site worked was to include a lead generation element baked into it which would connect with email marketing software to make the system automatic and seamless to both the user and of course Susan and her team.

One of the lead gen mechanism which has worked well is the Beauty Business calculator which has been designed specifically by Susan to help salon owners identify areas of improvement in their business through a series of questions. Once salon owners complete the survey Susan can review the answers given for each submission and offers a complimentary consultation to those who request it and will offer the service most appropriate to the individual during the session.

On the back end of the site, we developed it to so that we could take advantage of the dynamic nature of the content and made it easy for Susan to update herself without the fear of breaking the design or functionality of the site. In so doing it assists the sites organic growth as long as additional content is regularly added.

Future plans for the site are to include a booking system so clients can book time slots with Susan bases upon a live diary which Susan can control and fit around her schedule as well as some other great innovations which will keep her at the forefront of the industry.

Client Testimonial

“Working with Salon marketing experts was easy and stress free, Paul has spent a great deal of time helping pull the information together during a very heavy work load, so super thankful for that”
Susan Routledge consultancy website redesign

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