Beauty Business Owners Club

Project Type

Web Design, membership, learning platform


Design Brief

This was a great opportunity to work with an industry influencer who wanted to develop a new programme designed to fill a gap in the market.

The learning platform was to be designed in such a way that the students would pay a monthly fee to gain access to a whole host of new material explicitly created for them to help them with core skills and trainings to become better salon owners.

The platform needed to be robust, easy to navigate and made in such a way that content could easily be added by the client too, without the fear of breaking the site, but without having to learn anything about design or coding to do so.

We were able to accompolish this through working closely with the client to develop a brief which was simple and clear and which fulfilled the objectives.

The site operates so that when signing up, the user is greeted with a home page which provides all the information they need at the outset, including a welcome video from the owner of the site. The menu is simple and split into 12 separate modules which are individual areas of learning materials based on particular key topics crucial to running beauty business, such as finance, marketing, HR etc. Each module is then broken down into individual sub-modules which go into further details about those topics. There is also a breadcrumb link, so you can navigate back to the home page at any time.

For the course material to be added it also needed to easy for the client, so we created a simple dashboard labelled appropriately made up of input fields so they can just upload the latest material into a specific location without having to navigate through the whole site to get to the location.

The content can be uploaded by inputting the relevant type of content into fields for specific types of content such as video, images, text. Once the material is added by the client in the backend the site adds it dynamically on the front end without breaking the design of the site.

There also automated functions built into the site which make it much more user friendly too.

Client Testimonial

“Completely revolutionised my business and added another important revenue stream to my business and does all the heavy lifting while I can concentrate on providing quality learning for my students.”
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