Sugar Waxing Depilatory Product Manufacturer

Project Type

Web Design Design, Email Marketing, Ecommerce


Design Brief

We started working with this long established company after they had spent years struggling for online sales.

The business was fundementally healthy as it has long standing clients in the professional depilatory waxing space and also has other areas of the business which have done very well, but even though the site had been established for sometime and featured an online store, sales were still primarily from existing clients.

The objective in getting us involved was to improve the visability of the brand online and to encorage more sales through the professional waxing salon market through marketing the great history and heritage the brand has.

It also tapped into some very current trends currently given the product is 100% natural, cruelity free and organic which is something which consumers are after.

Building a new site was a way to refresh the brand and to tell the story differently, but it was also to build in some optins to encourage salon owners to try the product out free of charge. This would then add them to a mailing list which was designed to nurture the reader through education and value which is designed to result in more sales.

We also updated the store to include a number of other relevant categories which weren’t included in the original site which should look as if there are more products for sale and have encouraged the site owner to add as many products as possible for sale on the store.

Client Testimonial

“Fabulous result from salon marketing experts, so pleased with the site, it’s a little too early to say how good it is in terms of sales, as it’s new, but the signs are encoraging”
Aqua Natural Sugar waxing homepage

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