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If you have read any other pages on this site, you may have come across the term holistic, as many of you may already be aware, the term is often used in the world of massage therapy and wellness, and for good reason. The word means individual parts which are interconnected to make up the whole. It is a perfect fit for what we see as digital marketing for clinics, salons and other beauty businesses.

The reason the word is so apt is due to the nature of digital marketing and how it encompasses all aspects of marketing your business digitally. This could take in social media, web design, email marketing… in fact anything which is digital and can be a channel to market your salon, spa or clinic.

Nowadays it’s important as a business to understand where best to spend your marketing dollar and focus on what is going to get you the best ROI. That is why we offer a done for you digital marketing service, because the fragmented nature and sophistication of the technology used within the tools at your disposal can be somewhat overwhelming.

Search engines and social media platforms, not to mention emails, landing pages and sales funnels and any other media you care to mention are all different disciplines which have a part to play in making your brand “omnipresent” and how you can use it to grow your revenues and profit.

It’s great if you have the in-house skills to use all these digital marketing tools at your disposal, but in most cases, salons are experts in beauty and not marketing experts. So it might be really difficult for the layperson to understand what to do with it and how to get good results for your beauty business.

Strategy Vs Tactics

There is a difference and it’s quite important to distinguish them when designing your sales and marketing output. Just to clarify, a strategy is a broad vision of what you want to achieve over a time frame. That could have been set out at the beginning of the year and represents your overall business goals for example, which would, in turn, encompass your sales and marketing strategy. The tactics, on the other hand, are the individual elements within that strategy you use to achieve those broader goals.

The point here is that tactics are the sum of the parts, and on their own may not be as effective when used in isolation.

To give you an example, if your team only focusses on social media, or even just posting on your accounts daily, do you know what that is doing for your return on investment and how it contributes to your overall goals?

What Is Your Desired Outcome

Without considering an outcome, you have to ask why is posting to social media important for you and are you measuring engagement? In my experience, most clinics are not, and could well be flawed in terms of a way to get new clients for example. If it has no end product and it’s not measured there is no evidence to justify why you’re doing what you’re doing so you truly don’t know if its working or not, any outcome is only anecdotal at best.

On the other hand, that same social media campaign was designed as part of a sales funnel so that you provide value, solutions and education, which relates to blog posts you have on your website. By funnelling visitors to find out more by signing up to a email list, which in turn could nurture that person to know, like and trust your brand. Then that is a more joined-up marketing strategy which can be monitored and measured, so you know if it’s having the desired effect of getting new enquiries.

Employing the holistic approach to your salon’s digital marketing will get your beauty business the traction necessary to move the needle and get you a steady and predictable stream of new leads and appointments so you can continue to do what you do know you have a reliable way to get sales or even expand and develop your business and to achieve those high-end goals you set yourself at the beginning of the year.

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