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The Boring But Essential Stuff Behind Your Website

Many business owners ask what is the difference between web design and development? the simple answer is the first is what you see in the design and makes a website look pretty, the other is the stuff happening that you can’t see unless you look behind in and what’s working in the code side of things or the technical aspect side of things.

You many even think that this should be lumped in with website design, but there is a reason why we feel it should be given its own section, and that is because of the last few years, creeping up unnoticed by many website development is becoming ever more important, and that is mainly down to how Google views websites nowadays.

Google Will Love Your For Doing This

it’s because the search engines like Google are looking to provide the very best user experience they can to their users, yes… you and me putting a search into google. They want to make sure that when they provide a suggestion of a webpage they serve up in their results they want to ensure as much as possible that not only is the quality of the information on that page is the best possible match for what your search query was, but also when you click on that link and land on the page, you have the best experience possible.

That means being technically sound using efficient code and ofcourse making sure it works well and loads pages fast on mobile too, as that channel will represent the majority of your traffic increasingly so as we move forward.

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