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Frustrating Or Fascinating

Are you obsessed with social media, or does it drive you up the wall with the undue pressure of what to post and when to post?

Many salon owners find social media management hard and become a bain of their life. When we talk about social media for salons, we have to consider a couple of things which are quite important but rarely considered by many.

Social Media Strategy

We of course mean the objectives you have for your social media management campaigns. Do you have it planned and mapped out beforehand and do you know what do you want it to achieve?

Sadly, from the evidence we have in this industry, there is no social media strategy or objectives, it is just off the cuff posting, without any consideration taken about planning or execution, or indeed any thought about the end objective of a campaign.

With any social media marketing campaign, there should always be some kind of end product which needs to be developed and tested throughout the life of the campaign to make sure you can learn from the data you collect and adapt your strategy so you are not wasting resources and budget.

The Numbers Don’t Lie, But It’s More Than That Too.

Our approach to salon social media management is to first discuss with the client about what they do, how they do it currently, and if they have any strategy, if they do, then what results have they found? Sadly we discover that mostly, it’s all made up on on the spur of the moment and any results are anecdotal, which is exactly what we’re trying to avoid.

This highlights one thing, which is that in most cases a lot of clients recognise this and know they need our help.

Social As Part Of A Larger Strategy

Ideally, we like to include social media as part of a broader digital marketing strategy as that helps with leading and nurturing potential targets into some form of marketing/sales funnel. It is designed to filter those people who are more likely to become your customer and who you prefer to work with from those you don’t. The job is to bring the good closer to your brand with the messaging and to distance your brand from those who are more likely just be interested in the voucher deal you have going. The latter are those who won’t hang around too long after the prices change back to normal and are likely to be a bad fit for your business and not profitable.

It can often be tied to a broader educational content strategy which we have found is very successful at attracting the very type of long term client who are profitable, and who appreciates the level of treatment you can offer and they are exactly the type of client you like to work with.

Predictable Stream Of New Clients

Once we have this nailed, we find that it becomes a predictable revenue-generating strategy which you can turn on or off at will, but crucially is something that is under your control. You don’t have to resort to using paid ads to get the traffic and you don’t have to continuously test to see what works.

All the hard work has already been done and it just means that when things go a little quiet, you can just turn on the tap for a month or so and pick up the new clients to fill the gaps in your appointment book you had beforehand.

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