About Us

We are expert internet marketing professionals who help stylists, salons, spas and aesthetic clinics to achieve amazing results for their beauty businesses through digital marketing.

Who Are We

A team of marketers who have worked on the internent for over 20 years and who specialise in hair, beauty and aesthetics industries.

Our Mission

To create industry leading online marketing solutions for salon, spa and clinic owners which generates tangible benefits and return on investment.

What We Do

We help salon, spa and clinic owners market their businesses better with an emphasis on sales and lead generation for you to sell more services

Your Very Own Salon Marketing Expert

Wouldn’t it be cool to have your own digital marketing department just like the big beauty brands have? 
A digital marketing expert who you can trust to get you the results your clinic needs leaving you without the stress of having to deal with it yourself so you can get on with what you do best?

SME D-ynamic Process



We start by understanding about you what you want to achieve and your unique selling proposition  to formulate a brief. 



We can then start a more granular process of really nailing to objectives of the the campaign and then start some preliminary development. 



This is where the creative process begins and we start putting ides in front of you and your team and to get a feel of what you’re looking for.



We’re well on our way to achieving the final design now and building out the project based upon all the data we have been able to collect ready to go live.



At this stage you can see the campaign taking shape as we take it live and make minor adjustments based on the live data we can now get. 



At this stage we’re live – we keep monitoring to ensure all is running smoothly. You should start seeing the results based on the objectives  we agreed upon in 02.

Why choose us?

We pride ourselves on our designs which are clean, fresh and reflect the businesses personality.

We believe customer service is a key component to what we do, so we’re always available to help you out or to answer any of your questions.

Its All about results and those we can achieve for you. We see ourselves differently from other online marketing businesses as we actively promote the commercial benefits of your digital campaigns and base it on the results we can get for you.

Our campaigns have been used by some award winning businesses who are also some of the biggest names in the industry. Their salons have now been rocked and have reaped the benefits of having professionally designed campaigns and website designs from us.

Most people have it all wrong when they look at website design and online marketing – they think pretty pictures and things looking just right – but while aesthetics is good its doesn’t always bring results. That is why at your salon rocks, we make sure we start off every project with ROI in mind and how we can help you get more customers for your business.

We don’t believe that experience necessarily means good, but it does stand for something. So our experience is from over 20 years in the trenches keeping a close eye on what’s changed online and more importantly, what works.

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