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The Future Of Your Salon Is In Your Hands

If you are a salon owner the decisions you take to take every day for your business are critical, none more so than for your salon marketing.

The internet is littered with websites and social media accounts which represents the broken dreams, mounting debts and the failed businesses of salon owners who didn’t make it, not because they were bad at what they did or provided poor service or sub-par treatments. No, it’s simply because they couldn’t get enough profitable customers through the door.

Blindly posting on social media all day without a plan doesn’t cut it, and those who do are living on HOPE-IUM. They are the actions of a poor salon owner and symptom of the wrong mindset.

We at Salon Marketing Experts understand that to have a thriving, sustainable beauty business you need to be oversubscribed with profitable clients. To do that you need to have a definitive marketing plan, know how to market your business effectively… but crucially – to APPLY the plan daily, which sadly, most fail to do.

It’s only when you apply your marketing plan consistently can you finally fulfil all your ambitions and live out your dreams, which is what rich salon owners do.

If you don’t know where to start, you can book a FREE marketing review where one of our team will review your marketing and provide you with 10 things you can do immediately to improve your salon marketing.

How To Make Your Salon Rock

Sales & Appointments

We can create money generating machines to get your phone ringing off the hook and fill your appointment book.


The principles of marketing haven't changed much, its just that we do it mostly online - but the same lessons still apply - ROI is King

Social media

Your customers hang out here mostly, but its not where they buy. We deploy social media campaigns to drive sales as part of a funnel.


Our websites are not cookie cutter templates like your competitors sites are. We formulate and build your idea with you from scratch.


The design of your website is a key factor - not only should it look good, but it needs to funnel customers to take action.

Help & Support

You won't be left high and dry when you become one of our customers - we believe if we look after customers they'll look after us.

Is Your Salon Found Online?

Every day, people local to your beauty business are using the internet to search for beauty treatments you offer.

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