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Our services are designed to help salons, spas and clinics get better results with their marketing. To do that we provide a full suite of online and some offline marketing services We call this  VISIBILITY Marketing

How To Make Your Salon Rock.

Your salon marketing is to do one thing, to get more customers. Its about visibility, that’s why we have a holistic approach to online marketing because Everything is interconnected – But we firmly believe it all starts with your website being at the heart of your business. Why? – because its the only little space on the internet that you own and can control… So let’s make it work for you. Once we have that working correctly we can help you with your broader visibility to help you get found by more people. 


The aesthetics of your website is very important, but not the only factor - we start with understanding about what you and your customer want.


This means that we break your site down into its most basic parts and we start to build it step by step bases on your specific requirements


We're not reinventing the wheel here, we are simply doing it correctly starting with customer avatars and then making sure the messages is correct

Social media

Social media is like a microphone, it amplifies your voice, but give a microphone to a bad singer it just makes them louder, the key here is to train your voice.


Selling online is a huge opportunity which is largely untapped in this market. This is an opportunity to add another revenue stream to your business.

Help & Support

Ongoing support for our customers is paramount and is part of our DNA, we don't leave you struggling, Its in our interest to help you succeed.

Let’s Make Your Salon Rock, together.

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