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Are You Getting Enough Visits To Your Website

As many know, SEO otherwise known as search engine optimisation is the discipline of optimising your webpages for the search engines so they appear higher in the organic search results. Most notably when we say search engines we really mean Google, who dominate in the world of search. Statistics show that Google currently accounts for around 86.6% of worldwide search market share, so no matter where your customers are based in the world there is a greater chance they are looking for your service on Google than any other service.

That is not to say that our optimisation practises do not take into consideration the other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and Duck Duck Go, but in the pursuit of optimising for Google invariably will have a happy by-product of also optimising for other search engines as they all tend to follow Google’s lead. That is why we tend to spend most time optimising for the biggest opportunity first as that is the most efficient way we have found to get the best results for our clients.

But the detail of how we do it doesn’t really matter too much to the clients we speak to, it’s more about the results we can get for them and for clinic owner considering SEO as a service, whether it can work for them and how it stacks up against other forms of marketing?

Best For Return On Investment

We are in no doubt that with all we know about online marketing and the experience we have with all other forms of performance marketing, SEO done well is easily the best bang for you marketing buck you can get. But with any type of marketing, there are pros and cons to consider and with that may not meet with your business objectives.

With SEO the con is normally the speed at which you get results against something like paid ads where you can get traffic immediately to your property. Organic content marketing through search engines can take time to get traction, sometimes months – the payoff, however, is that SEO will give you long term benefits which can last for years while the short term gains you potentially would get through paid ads are basically determined by your budget.

So let’s say you have decided that organic search engine optimisation is the way to go for you, how does it tend to work?

How Search Works

The concept is pretty straight forward, Google wants to provide the user with the best match for the search query you have entered, it’s that simple. The thing is, to be one of the best results for Google to use at the top of their search result page otherwise known as SERPs, is predicated on a number of criteria which Google keeps to itself. We have a reasonably good idea of what they are based on our experience in the market and monitoring the search engines like a hawk to monitor the changes that happen on an almost daily basis.

Best User Experience For Visitors

That being said, it ultimately boils down to providing the best experience you can for the user, that is all that Google really cares about, providing the best experience for the people like you and me who use it’s search engine every day. If they can provide that for its users, they will keep on coming back to use its services. On the flip side, if the user starts getting poor quality results, then they will go off to somewhere else where they will find better results, so like any other business, it’s all about helping Google retain its customers by providing what it’s customers want, which is solutions to problems while providing the best user experience you can.

Find Out What Users Want Then Give It To Them

So if we think about that as marketers and service providers, we have to work out what that is, what do users want when they input a query to Google? if you have ever used a search engine to search for something, think about what you want when you enter your search term, if you’re like most people who use the service, you want the best, most appropriate information available for the question or request you have entered.

So now that we know what Google wants, this makes it really easy for us, because we work with clinics like you who are the most knowledgeable professionals this industry has to offer. As a result you have all the information that a user is looking for when they search on Google for anything related to the beauty industry and aesthetics.

Therefore, we can help you create the necessary content which will be found by those people who are searching for answers to the problems they are having and which you can provide the solutions to. So when someone types in a search query related to one of your services, you pop up high in the search engines and above your competitors because you can provide the best answers and information to the question someone has asked and Google rewards you by putting you at the top of their list on page one.

It’s Not Just About Content Marketing

Of course that is a simplified version of what happens, and it’s not just about blindly producing the content you think people might be searching for. It’s about how to optimise that content to provide the quality signals google are looking for so it chooses your website as one of its tops sites over that of your competitors, but at the same time content which people will read and engage with. Therefore not only will you get the traffic from those looking for a solution that you offer, but they take some form of action and convert into a lead of some form that we can then nurture through the sales funnel we would recommend you build into your campaigns

Positions Your Salon As The Expert With Amazing Traffic Potential

Having a great mix of content which educates users and provides value, together with technically robust websites as part of your content strategy is the foundations of a wholesome brand which people are desperate to embrace. If you can do that consistently Google will attach the trust, expertise and authority to your brand so that it will be found for more search queries at which point you will be inundated with phone calls and a full appointment book and will provide you with the choices and freedom in your business that the internet exclusively brings.

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