This Works When Posting On Instagram For Your Salon

You might have seen the news that there’s a Vaccine which is reputed to be 90% effective against Corona virus.

This may seem to have nothing to do with posting on Instagram, but read on and it will become apparent.

As a result of the news announced by Pfizer, the vaccine’s manufacturer, stock markets have rallied, and people are now beginning to hope that this is light at the end of the tunnel.

Though, there is a but…

It’s going to be a while before the vast majority of us are going to get access to our jab, so it might be a while before our salons are open in the same way as they were pre-covid

So given that, we will have to endure with this stop/start life for a while yet, which begs he question, how are you going to cope in the mean time?

It could be that if we keep going in and out of restrictions and that your trading opportunities are limited to bite sizes chunks of a month or two at a time, nobody really knows. But planning for all eventualities should be something you will need to consider, this includes your salon digital marketing strategy.

Just because your business might be closed at the moment depending on where you are located, you shouldn’t reset on your laurels and it is imperative that you keep marketing to your audience and just as importantly, keep building it.

So how can you do that as cost effectively as possible, the answer could be in social media, if done correctly…

Use these Steps For Posting On Instagram

Take Instagram for example, it is probably still the go-to platform for the younger generation, and even though it is losing ground somewhat to other platforms such as tik-tok, it’s still a great place to grab your audience if they are aged in their twenties and thirties.

If you read my posts, you will be aware of my mantra of the secret to online growth is consistency, if you post regularly, at least once a day on Instagram, you will get noticed and find some growth.

And while that is not the whole picture, for those who are not doing much, it’s a great start.

Quality Content To Post

The other part of the equation is to post great quality information, not only in the form of images (obvs) but also in the caption also.

To do that, you need to plan, at least a week in advance. You will need to map out what you are going to publish and what message you are going to send that is relevant to your target audience.

This is really important as if it’s just random posting to Instagram with little thought or variation, it can lead to your reader becoming bored with your content, which means that they may stop engaging, which in turn means the algorithm will not give you any more 💖👀.

For each post, you really need to think hard about the words you use, that is why planning ahead is key…

Caption Headlines

When posting on Instagram, it’s always good to start with a strong headline so that people will click on the read more link and open the whole post.

You can use questions, a bold statement or even a cliffhanger… so people cannot refuse to click.

An example of a cliff hanger for our industry is….

My clients love This Treatment And I Discovered How By Pure Accident…

Meat Of The Post

The next is the meat of the caption and so you must deliver on your opening headline. You should be able to engage with your audience through story telling or education in an entertaining way.

It’s important here not to be salesy either, people can smell it a mile off, so be careful not to provide faux value.

We use this cream everyday and our clients love it, but to be honest, it could be easily swapped out for any other brand, that was until I made this amazing discovery.

One night before leaving work, I was in a rush and didn’t have my mind on what I was doing, I was  clearing up, and I accidently picked up a tub of this cream and put it in the fridge instead of the milk, …yeah I know🤦‍♀️

Anyway… I didn’t realise my mistake until I came in the following morning to be greeted with a carton of milk which had gone off, and opened the fridge only to realise my mistake.

I took the cream out of the fridge and by chance used it with my first client of the morning, she commented on how cool and refreshing that was on her skin, but it wasn’t until I noticed the clients skin started to shimmer with life and radiance…

But that is not the best bit, it wasn’t until the week after, we started getting a run on this exact cream through our retail sales.

When one of the girls was talking to someone who had purchase it, she said that she had it recommended by that same client I had used the refrigerated cream on a week earlier, she had said it was a miracle cream which does wonders for her face, so I had to buy some too.

You can see how this might get a reader excited and may want to know more.

Call To Action

Finally, remember to close out with a call to action

Now it doesn’t have to be “buy now” but it could be that you say it’s on your webstore for example.

You can just as easily say something like make a comment below, tag a friend who needs this, or share if you like this post.

The important thing is that you should always tell your reader what to do next, whatever the next logical step is.

Let me know if this has helped your posting on Instagram and what results you’ve seen

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